I bought a snow blower a few weeks ago because 1) I'm getting older and shoveling snow is a pain in the back, literally, and 2) because I could. I thought for sure that would mean we would not have any appreciable snowfalls the rest of the winter since I got one.

Today, it is snowing pretty much all day according to the weather reports. It's not a lot of snow, but it could end up being a few inches. It's been going on for a few hours now, and we have 1-2 inches, and it's predicted to continue for the next 4-5. So we could end up with an appreciable snowfall.

Based on my original theory, this means possibly one of two things.

  1. My snowblower, which I have not turned on yet, is actually broken upon arrival and won't work, or
  2. There actually is no correlation between me owning a snow blower and the weather events affecting me.

I really hope it's not the first one...

Past winter fun by a dog with a stick.

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